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With over 10 years in the industry, CL MediCall is the Tier 1 Medical Reporting Agency to trust

Medical Reporting

We have an extensive panel of medical experts with specialised knowledge in their designated fields. As a high volume national (HVN) medical reporting organisation (MRO) with over 10 years’ experience we can provide quality medical reports for all our clients.

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Our triage team assesses the need for physiotherapy after a personal injury claim. We can manage every step of the journey from initial assessment through to discharge providing all clients with quality care throughout.

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Medical Imaging

We offer an extensive range of diagnostic image reporting, including X-ray, CT scans, MRI’s and ultrasounds. We work closely with the UK’s most experienced diagnostic investigative professionals and medical imagery centres.

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Case Management

Our service ensures the most appropriate resource is used to achieve the best outcome for our client’s recovery. At a time where our client is at their most vulnerable we can assist them with all their needs from initial needs assessment (INA) to full case management.

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Our team can arrange all types of surgical procedures from plastic surgery, to bone reconstruction and much more. We are able to manage our client’s cases from start to finish. We understand every case is unique and we are here to help with every circumstance.

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Medical Screening

Our team provide a vast range of medical screening and assessments with the best experts within the industry. This ranges from personal health check to a full company assessment. We cater for a wide variety of industries including fleet, oil.

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History & Experience

Since 2009, CL MediCall Aid has grown year on year. Our focus is to provide a market leading service for our clients in the provision of medical reports, rehabilitation, diagnostics, case management and medical screening.
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Specialist Experts

With over a decade of experience in the medical legal sector, our team is highly trained and dedicated to assist vulnerable patients. We are well placed to assist solicitors and patients in the rapid resolution of their case, with the ability to manage all aspects of their medico legal requirements.
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Knowledge & Expertise

Our expert liaison team constantly manage performance; reviewing our expert panel’s professional credentials to ensure the high standard of service our clients expect is consistently delivered. We complete extensive checks on all venues used to ensure they are fit for purpose and will provide a comfortable setting to all patients.
Expert Panel