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Privacy Policy

CL Medicall Aid Limited Privacy Notice

For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and following the transposition of the Data Protection Bill, the Data Processor, in relation to any personal data you supply, is CL Medicall Aid Limited.

Section 1 – Who We Are:

In this Privacy Notice, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refers to CL Medicall Aid Limited. You can ask for further information about our use of your personal information, by contacting our Data Protection Officer either by email at or by post at Unit 1, Carolina Court, Doncaster, DN4 5RA.

CL Medicall Aid Limited is a data controller and is registered as such with the Information Commissioners Office under registration number ZA099110.

Section 2 – What Information We Process:

We process your information in order to pursue a medical-legal report, arrange rehabilitation or a diagnostic treatment on your behalf.

We may receive personal information about you from any of the following sources:

  • You, your instructed solicitor or another party instructed on behalf of you or your instructed solicitor
  • A medical expert, rehabilitation provider or diagnostic provider
  • Your GP or hospital (if medical records are required)

The information we receive may consist of the following personal data:

  • general information about you such as your name, address, contact details and date of birth
  • information about the circumstances resulting in personal injury,
  • special category personal information, such as any medical conditions resulting from the accident or past medical history;
  • details of any complaint should there be a need to make one

Section 3 – How We Will Use Your Information:

  • to procure a medical report
  • to arrange rehabilitation
  • to arrange a diagnostic treatment

Section 4 – Who We Might Share Your Information With:

Your information may be used for the purposes of medico legal administration by us, the instructing solicitor, treatment provider, and the instructed medical expert.  It may be disclosed to regulatory bodies for the purpose of monitoring and or enforcing our compliance with any regulatory rules/codes.  Your information may also be used for research and statistical purposes and fraud prevention.

We will upload anonymised data from your medico legal report to the Medco portal.

We may also share your personal information with:

  • other organisations  where we have a duty to or are permitted to disclose your personal information by law (e.g. if we received a valid request from the police or other third party organisation in the interest of preventing and detecting crime)

Section 5 – How Long Do We Keep Your Data:

Your personal data will be held on record for 7 years for the purposes for which it was originally collected and for the purpose of defending a legal claim or a professional indemnity claim.

This enables us to help you should there be any issues relating to the medico legal report or rehabilitation treatment provided.

Your personal data will be deleted and erased after this period.

Section 6 – Your Rights and Access to your Information:

You have a number of rights concerning the personal information we use, these include the right to:

  • ask for access to and a copy of your personal information
  • ask us to correct or delete the personal information. Please see the ‘Right to have your personal data deleted from our system” section for more information.
  • ask us to restrict or object to the use of your personal information. Please see the ‘Right to restrict the processing of your personal data’ section for more information.
  • where you have previously given us your permission to use your personal information for marketing or insurance purposes, withdraw that permission. Where your permission is withdrawn, your previous consent will remain valid in respect of our use of your information prior to the date you withdrew it, or if any marketing material has been sent prior to you advising that you do not wish us to contact you again
  • complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office at any time if you object to the way we use your personal information. For more information please go to
  • object to any automated decision including profiling.
  • request information for transfer to another company, also known as data portability

To request a copy of your data and make a formal ‘subject access request’ please write to us at Data Protection Officer, Unit 1, Carolina Court, Doncaster, DN4 5RA or request this by email at  For security reasons, please ensure that you include your full name, date of birth, address and postcode. We may request further information to validate your identity before the request is processed.

The information requested will be sent within 1 month unless the requests are complex or numerous in which case, we may extend this time by a further 2 months.

There will be no charge for a request for data however if it can be demonstrated that the requests are excessive, repetitive or frivolous, we may charge a reasonable fee or choose to refuse your request.

Right to have your personal data deleted from our systems

You can request that we delete your personal data from our systems if you believe that:

  • We no longer need to process your personal data in order to provide you with an appropriate medico legal report or;
  • We no longer need to process your personal data in order to arrange any rehabilitation treatment or;
  • We have processed your personal data in a manner which you believe is unlawful or;
  • We have to delete your personal data to comply with another piece of legislation.

We may choose to refuse your request if we believe that:

  • We have a legal obligation to keep your data or;
  • It is required for establishing or defending a legal claim.

Right to restrict the processing of your personal data

You can request that we temporarily stop the processing of your personal data if you believe that:

  • We should not process your data whilst we are in discussions with you regarding a disagreement over the accuracy of your personal data or;
  • We have processed your personal data in a manner which you believe is unlawful but rather than wanting us to delete your data you would prefer us to take another course of action to rectify your issue or;
  • We no longer require the data but you do not wish us to remove it from our systems as you require it for establishing or defending a legal claim.

If such a restriction is put in place, then we will not process your data without informing you first that the reason for the restriction has been lifted.

Exceptions to this are that we can continue to process your data as follows:

  • Storing your data.

Section 7 – Important Information:

Please note that if you give us false or inaccurate information it may invalidate the medico legal report that is obtained.

If any information we hold is inaccurate please contact us or your instructed solicitor to update your personal data.